This innovative approach consists of face-to-face training courses that make use of multimedia content and eLearning tools. This approach is mainly geared towards preserving the integrity of the course’s content. Hybrid Face to Face Training adds significant value and allows to:


• Reduce the logistical and geographical challenges (especially across large and sometimes inaccessible areas).

• Minimize the loss of specific message when organizing cascade training programs to ensure their consistency and integrity.

• Increase the efficiency of cascade training programs.

• Train simultaneously an always increasing number of electoral stakeholders.

• Evaluate and test the knowledge of participants.

• Use innovative and interactive pedagogical tools (films, videos, animations).

• Provide access to detailed campaign literature that is regularly updated through a dedicated platform.

• The quality of the training course and modules is ensured by the use of questionnaires that are customized according to the context and that will allow for the improvement of the training programme.  


Moreover, to adapt to the different contexts and to deal with the logistical contingencies and constraints the users may face, content used in the hybrid face to face training (as for each eLearning module) is accessible both online via the Internet and offline though the use of CDs and USBs.