The partners are looking forward to finalise the content of the programme organised into 14 modules covering the entire electoral cycle and presented in the form of eLearning to serve two purposes:


1. Facilitate the implementation of hybrid face-to-face training programmes. This innovative system is based on face-to-face training content developed for the 14 eLearning modules to ensure that the training content is of high quality. In addition, it reduces the risk of "losing the message," which was put by Electoral Commissions is one of main dangers of cascade training.


2. Make up a long-distance eLearning Masters in Electoral Cycle Management. This course is the first of its kind in the world. It will be possible for those students who have completed all the 14 modules, to obtain the Masters in Electoral Cycle Management if all conditions are met.


It is essential to note that each module can be studied individually as an Advanced Diploma. Consequently, 14 Advanced Diplomas will also be available to participants who wish to acquire skills in a specific discipline.


The module Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders (LEAD) and the module Electoral Operations have been terminated and will be soon available.