Another disadvantage of large-scale training sessions lies in the quality of the trainers. The methodology of the face-to-face training programs seek to tackle this challenge by using a system of certification of trainers.


This involves a cycle of training courses for future trainers, including making note of their progress throughout the course and ensuring that they will be able to replicate this process in the future.


To ensure the best learning experience and therefore the quality and consistency of training courses given to all participants, the certification of future trainers takes place in three stages:


  1. They must first participate in a Training of Trainers’ session for 7 days. During this period, experienced trainers will teach them how to understand the contents of the accompanying modules. They will then integrate the various contents and learn how to master the multimedia tools of the eLearning version of the module. Under the supervision of trainers and experts, participants will then work in pairs. At the end of this period, all participants will be semi-certified, and the top four or five will be selected.  
  2. The four or five semi-certified participants, selected through the Training of Trainers will in turn contribute to the implementation of a normal hybrid face-to-face training course. During the entire period they will be under the supervision of a certified trainer who will ensure that the quality of the training course that they are delivering meets the required standards of the original curriculum. The new trainers will also continue to benefit from the assistance of the certified trainers. If successful in their implementation of the course, the new trainers will then be certified by already certified trainers. Once they become certified, they will be able to give new hybrid face-to-face training programs without assistance while still respecting the training and the teachings they received.
  3. The trainers that just received the certification can then become certified trainers after having delivered 3 modular training courses and having lead a Training of Trainers session with the support of a certifying trainer. Consequently, the certifying trainer may in turn certify participants during Training of Trainers or modular training programs.